Resources For Educators

The resources on this page are to assist educators in Incorporating Self-Advocacy and Guardianship into their Curriculum.

My Life With Down Syndrome
In this Power Point, Daniel describes his interests, hobbies, employment and the relationships that are important in his life.
  • Lighting The Way (
  • Incorporating Self-Advocacy & Guardianship into your Curriculum (Power Point)
  • Supporting Choices Educators Presentation 07-13-17 (Power Point)
  • Supporting Choices Educator Guide (Spanish) (PDF)
  • Supporting Choices Parent Guide (Spanish) (PDF)
  • Supporting Choices Student Guide (Spanish) (PDF)
  • Self Determination Activity Packet (MS Word) (PDF)
  • Self Advocacy Role Play (MS Word) (PDF)
  • Self Advocacy Practice (MS Word) (PDF)

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